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I’m feeling all nostalgic. My very first Lutheran Satire video. Actually I think I made Liturgical Dance first, but then somehow I uploaded them backwards. Oh well. This was back when I didn’t know how to frame a shot or use video editing software. The good old days.

Anyway, when it comes to pink chasubles, here’s what high churchy pastors like to say:

But pink used to be a man’s color, so it was
cool for pastors to wear it!

To which logic responds:
Right. So, in previous generations, pastors
didn’t wear girl colors. Maybe they should
keep that up today.

As I’ve said before, my liturgical position is anti-distraction, on either end of the high-low spectrum. So if your folks aren’t weirded out by pink chasubles, and if they add to the piety of the service, rock on with your pepto-bismol self.

But chances are, they can’t. More likely than not, some, or most, or all of your folks will find it a little weird and girly. And if that’s the case, let it go. Because vestments aren’t the Gospel, they’re not necessary for the unity of the Church, and no matter how hard you try to teach people why you wear them, that lecture will just end up coming across as “101 Reasons Why My Pastor Dresses Like a Lady on the 3rd Sunday of Advent and the 4th Sunday of Lent.”

~Rev. Hans Fiene

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