Donall and Conall Learn that Jesus Isn’t Divine

In which Donall and Conall shout Greek grammar facts at the JWs after said JWs assert that Jesus isn’t divine. Hey guys, go to the Issues, Etc. “Making the Case” conference in Dallas, Texas on November 9 and 10. Here’s a link:

Donall and Conall Meet the JWs

Charles Taze Russell and Joseph Franklin Rutherford are insisting that you must call God by the name “Jehovah.” Donall and Conall have some questions.

Frank the Hippie Pope Bans All Weapons

Frank has a very bold yet very practical plan for achieving world peace.

Your Friends and Neighbors: Bill the Unitarian Proctologist (Ep. VI)

What do you do when you can’t git rid of all the filth inside you? Let Bill the Unitarian Proctologist help. Sort of.

Marty and Frank Part II: Romans 3

Continuing their discussion of justification, our two friends discuss Romans 3 and why Luther added that pesky word “alone” to his translation. Well, Marty discusses it. Frank does annoying stuff.

Martin Luther and Frank the Hippie Pope Talk James 2

Marty and Frank would like to heal their sad divisions. Marty wants to do this by teaching Frank a proper understanding of James 2. Frank wants to achieve unity through the power of baby boomer campfire music.

The Churchy Fruits Learn About Courage

Jerry Berry is feeling a little scared, kids. But don’t worry, because Jimmy Bean is here with a lesson on courage. And a lesson on another thing.

Do They Know What Christmas Is

Mr. Thompson and the Vicar have enlisted a few friends to fight 21st century biblical illiteracy and unchurchiness by updating the worst Christmas song ever written.   OK, so some of you, primarily the insufferable millennials,  don’t get what I’m spoofing here. Click this link to get some culture. Others, primarily the aged and feeble…

The Reformation PiggyBackers

Luther was have a splendid Reformation Day. Until the piggybacking protestants started trying to improve his Reformation.

C-3PO Crashes a Pentecostal Revival

It’s great that C-3PO knows over six million languages. It’s less great when he buzzkills your Pentecostal revival by saying all the languages you’re speaking are fake.

A Christian and a Feminist Almost Agree on Stuff

Modern feminists and Christians are united in identifying many of society’s biggest problems. Less united in solving them.

Donall and Conall Convince the Mormon Missionaries They’re Going to Hell in 40.305 Seconds

“Do your best and God will do the rest” isn’t a Gospel promise. It’s a guarantee of eternal condemnation. Let our Irish friends explain why in record time.

Politicians Run for Congregational President

Tim Humblebrag, Baxter Lugnut, and Danny Pufferchest all disagree on how to fix their congregation’s problems. They all agree, however, that the Gospel is definitely not the solution.

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

This Commentary on “Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God” is 103.9 Times Longer Than the Actual Video All religions lead to the same God. Now, before you break into my house, tar and feather me, and leave me on the doorstep of the nearest Unitarian Universalist church, let me clarify. What I mean…

Martin Luther Yells About Inferior Anglican Christmas Hymns

Instead of focusing on theology, the British love meditating on snow, silence, and livestock in their Christmas hymns. Martin Luther finds this annoying.

Create In Me (A “Thank You” Video)

For all the Lutheran Satire viewers who donated to help restore River of Life Lutheran Church’s sanctuary floors, thank you. And for all those wondering why this video features a microphone with nobody behind it, that’s because nobody would agree to sing if they had to appear on camera.

Frank the Hippie Pope and Bart the Patriarch Sing Love Songs

Frank and Bart are having a hard time getting past the main thing that stops them from being united. But Frank doesn’t think that’ll be a problem. Frank the Hippie Pope and Bart the Patriarch Sing Love Songs

I’m a Christian But I’m Totally Not… (BuzzFeed Parody)

The best way to defeat stereotypes about Christians is to make yourself guilty of those stereotypes by reinforcing those stereotypes.

Mr. Thompson and the Vicar Invent Children’s Church

Fussy little children in the sanctuary are causing quite the consternation at the local parish. Fortunately, Mr. Thompson and the Vicar have an ingenious solution to the problem.

Donall and Conall Meet Richard Dawkins

There’s no evidence of God’s existence if you don’t count all the evidence of God’s existence. Donall and Conall are having a hard time understanding this, so Richard Dawkins has stopped by to enlighten them.

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